Phx Affiliates

Business Brokers


We can arrange business loans for 100% project financing domestically for construction transactions of $20,000,000+, competitive market rates and 100% financing at similar interest rates for international projects of $50,000,000+ through a separate lender. Both of these finance structures have certain liquidity requirements to be maintained by the borrower as well as some equity give up in the project.

We also arrange for business loans secured by the "enterprise value" of a company as opposed to just using the company's tangible assets. Enterprise value is defined as the amount a company could be sold for minus its tangible asset value which allows for companies to obtain larger credit facilities than could be had through a traditional asset based lender.

An old joke goes; 'You can get as much money as you need from a bank as long as you can prove you don't need it'. Otherwise, you may need our services.

Phoenix Affiliates works with financial consulting firms that can arrange alternative financing for non-bankable commercial transactions throughout the United States.

Functioning as a national clearinghouse, we represent hundreds of non-traditional money sources that are specifically geared to fund troubled or growing companies.

The Better Business Bureau gives the firms we work with an A rating on a scale of A+ to F. The money sources that we represent are generally non-bank lenders that provide financing to companies and individuals seeking commercial financing who cannot obtain adequate capital to grow or run their business.

We arrange commercial financing for companies and individuals that cannot obtain adequate bank financing.

New Business Loan Funding is based on sound analysis not guesswork, types of funding available:
* revolving credit lines
* secured bridge financing
* purchase order financing
* acquisition financing
* inventory loans
* DIP and Exit financing
* cash flow loans
* real estate financing
* loan guarantees
* international real estate
* conventional factoring
* asset based loans
* letter of credit financing
* funding for healthcare providers
* equipment financing
* equity participation
* 100% Financing for domestic construction loans of $20 Million +
* mezzanine financing
* SBA loans
* 100% International Project Financing
* land loans
* small construction bridge loans