Phoenix Affiliates

quick tips

  1. Place a Reasonable Price on Your Business

  2. Carry on 'Business as Usual'

  3. Engage an Expert Business Broker

  4. Prepare for the Sale Well in Advance

  5. Negotiate; Don't Dominate

  6. Keep Time from Dragging Down the Deal

  7. Be Willing to Stay Involved

  8. Achieve Leverage through Buyer Competition

Phoenix Affiliates assists you in placing a value on your business, drawing up terms & structure, create marketing plans, screen & qualify buyers, negotiate a successful sale and assist in financing.

Phoenix Affiliates helps you evaluate your goals, formulate acquisitions, locate and evaluate candidates, negotiate a successful purchase and assist in finding financing.

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Phoenix Affiliates offers clients comprehensive buying, selling, acquisition, valuation services and strategic services while buying and/or selling a business.   

As business brokers, we specialize in handling transactions in central and downstate Illinois and all of Iowa.

"Steve is a results-oriented, highly skilled and creative professional.  He helped me sell a business with great effectiveness." 

Kurt L.

Service Category: Business Consultant

Year first hired: 2002

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


A Business Broker provides vital services for both buyers and sellers and acts as the "glue" for holding together the pieces of the business sale process.  Learn how you can benefit from our services today...  

SERVICES we offer

Seller Benefits

  • Value the business
  • Proper terms and structure
  • Create marketing plans
  • Screen & qualify buyers
  • Negotiate successful sale

Buyer Benefits

  • Evaluate your goals
  • Formulate acquisitions
  • Locate candidates
  • Evaluate candidates
  • Negotiate successful purchase
  • Assist in securing financing

OUR brokers are seasoned professionals. 

Our professional staff includes business owners, retired bankers, company presidents, an insurance agency owner, and real estate agents.